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We are not an ordinary gym.

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LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Delta - CLOSED is a medical fitness clinic specializing in supervised exercise and healthy-lifestyle coaching for people who have chronic health conditions or want to prevent them. Our passion is helping people to LIVE WELL: to do what they want, when they want and to feel great doing it!

What exactly is a Program Consultation?

You will come into our North Delta - CLOSED clinic for a 1-hour appointment where we learn about your medical history, your medications, discuss your personal health and fitness goals, and start to determine what a customized exercise and health-coaching program might look like for you. You also get a chance to see our clinic in action, decide if our program is right for you, and determine a schedule for your workouts. No work is required for the Program Consultation and it is free!

30-Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee:

Keep in mind that if you decide to join, your first 30 days at LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic are risk-free. What does this mean? If in the first 30 days of your membership you decide that LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is not the right fit for you, then no problem. We will release you from the remainder of your membership commitment with us and provide you with a full refund. We want you to Find the Joy in being part of the LIVE WELL family and be sure that you have found your people.

We are confident you will love the LIVE WELL experience, but we understand that you want to be just as confident as we are - and sometimes that takes time. That is why the first 30 days are risk-free. Rest assured that that we have been helping thousands of people transform their health and lifestyle successfully since 2011!